Ryan Garcia’ Bold Statements on Battling the Illuminati and the Devil

Ryan Garcia, a well-known American boxer, is set to face Devin Haney in the ring next month. However, he recently made some shocking statements about fighting the Illuminati and the Devil instead. In a chat with Andrew Tate, Garcia revealed some unsettling information. Then, on Tuesday, he even said that the Meta servers crashed because of him. His claims also touched on Aliens and the mysterious Bohemian Grove cult.

Ryan Garcia and Andrew Tate posing together.

During their conversation, Ryan Garcia and Andrew Tate argued about various topics, including mental health, fame, and the pressures of being a public figure. Garcia expressed his struggles with anxiety and depression, revealing that he often feels overwhelmed by the expectations placed on him as a rising boxing star.

Ryan Garcia stuns the world with his statements

Ryan Garcia has sparked a lot of controversy on social media with his provocative remarks and posts, shocking everyone. The boxer recently had an intriguing chat with popular internet personality Andrew Tate. where he courageously shared his experience of being sexually abused as a child. Additionally, Garcia made disturbing allegations about witnessing children being raped at Bohemian Grove, “Claiming to have evidence and proof to back up his claims.”

What exactly is Bohemian Grove? Garcia’s curious claim

Reports suggest that Bohemian Grove, a private club established in 1874 by a group of daring journalists in San Francisco, has been influenced by wealthy and influential individuals worldwide. Garcia claims to have evidence supporting this claim. Additionally, Garcia has mentioned having proof of the existence of Aliens, including a photo of an extraterrestrial being.

Disappeared From Social Media

The posts on Garcia’s X account were bizarre and unsettling. They were filled with cryptic messages about darkness, evil, and the end of the world. Some posts seemed to be written in code, leaving his followers puzzled and concerned.

Rumors began to spread that Garcia had been involved in some sort of cult or dark web activity. And his sudden disappearance only fueled the speculation. People wondered if he had been kidnapped. or if he had simply gone into hiding to avoid the backlash from his controversial video.

As days turned into weeks with no sign of Garcia, his followers grew increasingly worried. Some even started their investigations, trying to track down any clues that might lead to his whereabouts. But as time passed, it became clear that Garcia’s disappearance was shrouded in mystery, and the truth behind his strange posts on social media remained elusive.

"Image of Ryan Gracia's Twitter profile picture and header image."

The uniqueness doesn’t stop there. On Tuesday, Garcia made another statement. According to him, his video and statements caused a commotion worldwide, leading to the worldwide shutdown of Meta and Google.

Please be aware that the opinions and statements made by Ryan Garcia, a professional boxer, have not been proven to be true or based on facts at this time. As with any individual, it is important to critically evaluate the information provided and seek additional evidence or sources to support or refute these claims. While Ryan Garcia may have a significant following and influence, it is crucial to exercise caution and not blindly accept his statements without further verification. It is always advisable to rely on verified and credible sources when forming opinions or making decisions.

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